Assemblages Show at Soho House Toronto

A few months ago, Soho House opened in Toronto.  This private, artist members-only club is located in various city around the world including London (where it started), Berlin, LA, NYC and Mumbai.  I was asked to be a Founding Member and subsequently invited to be the first artist to mount a show at the Toronto House.  Much of my work involves a process of assemblage, a process whereby I mix and match bits of drawing, screen printing and even random painting employing mixed media techniques.  I’ve always been enthralled by the work of Ray Johnson and the way he used to combine elements to create a visual narrative.

The result is a show of 12 mixed media pieces assembled from these experiments.  Most of it is screen printed using a small Gocco printer from RISO but many are drawings and paintings (pen and acrylic, gouache and ink).  Each piece is approximately 18″ by 24″ and in them, can be found many of the same characters and words that I often repeat in my work.