Cinelli Bicycles

I have been very fortunate to work with Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea in Milan for the past few years.  This past February, I had a solo show of selected works and have participated in many European art fairs with the gallery.  It’s a wonderful relationship that I value tremendously.

Antonio also is the owner and designer of Cinelli Bicycles.  For those of you that love to ride, I don’t have to tell you what an amazing company this is.  They have a long tradition of using artists such as Keith Haring, Barry McGee, Mike Giant, Ryan Heshka and Gary Baseman. Recently, Antonio asked me to create art for the 2013 Cinelli Catalogue.  It was lot of fun making this art!  Antonio is very open to my ideas and it was a blast working on this assignment where I had total creative freedom.  And yes, I also get a Cinelli bicycle as part of the deal!  Woo hoo!

Life is good, or rather, bella vita!!