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Hi there,

This week, the group show “Winter Exhibition” opened at Steve Lazarides’ gallery THE OUTSIDERS in London, UK.  The show runs until December 24th so if you’re London, please visit the gallery.  I have 14 new pieces in the show.  If you’d like to view the works, please CLICK HERE.

Recently, Fashion Television came to my studio to interview me for their show, IN FASHION.  To watch the segment, CLICK HERE.

And as you already know, I’ve released 6 new wooden toys with Indigo.  I am in the process of shipping them now.  If interested, click here if you’re IN CANADA or here if you’re OUTSIDE CANADA.  I’ve  just released some new prints which are also available through my online shop.


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© 2010 Gary Taxali, details from various works – Lazarides Group show at THE OUTSIDERS

UPCOMING for 2011:  More new toys, 2 new books of my collected works, a solo show and a major art festival installation TBD

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