Gary Taxali Rare Chump Dunny

Hi everyone,

I have an exclusive offer of ONLY 20 signed Kid Robot Series 6 Gary Taxali Chump Dunnys.  There is a 1/100 rare chance of getting one from the Series 6 but you may purchase one from me, hand-signed.  In addition, this 2-3/4″ high Chump Dunny comes with a special accessory.  That’s right, a super rare 1″ high Gary Taxali Kid Robot exclusive mini Chumpee.  He is also hand-signed.  (Please see attached photo.)

There are only 20 hand-signed sets available (only one order per customer, please).  The price is $100 USD per set (includes both figures), plus shipping.  I take VISA, Mastercard and Paypal.  My Paypal account is my email.

© Gary Taxali 2009

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