Happy 90th Birthday Y&R

This year, the advertising agency Y&R, turns 90.  Y&R (which stands for Young and Rubicam) is one of the world’s most influential advertising agencies that has helped shaped the culture of advertising as we know it.  They were the first agency to create colour television commercials in the 60s, for example.


A few months ago, I was contacted by Israel Diaz, the Creative Director at Y&R in Toronto, who commissioned me to create a commemorative poster celebrating the agency’s 90 years in the business.  My ideas were sent to Tony Granger, Y&R’s Global Chief Creative Officer, who also happens to be the President of Cannes Lion.  Tony really liked them and after some back and forth about direction, I was given the text, “The Past is just Practice”.  I love this line and it really resonates with me insofar as always striving to move forward creatively and always looking ahead.

Not sure when this poster will be released, likely later this year.  I may decide to do prints if there is enough of a demand.  Stay tuned!