My Guest Appearance on The Official Danko Jones Podcast

I have always been fascinated by the myriad connections between art and music.  I don’t possess any musical talent but have been very fortunate to work with so many amazing musicians such as Aimee Mann.  One of my longtime great friends is also the rock musician, DANKO JONES.  Danko has an amazing career with the band he fronts with the same name.  For those who know their music and/or have seen the band live, I don’t need to tell you how amazing they are.  If you don’t know them, check them out and when you become an instant fan, thank me later.

A short while ago, he started doing a podcast called THE OFFICIAL DANKO JONES PODCAST.  Danko and his co-host, comedian Nick Flanagan, have a great rapport discussing various topics and doing interviews with all kinds of guests who have mostly been rock musicians and comedians.  One guest was Sam Dunn, documentary filmmaker most known for his film “Metal:  A Headbanger’s Journey”.  Danko and Nick also interviewed comedian/actor Scott Thompson who was one of the stars of the hit Canadian TV series, “Kids in the Hall”.

In the most recent podcast, Danko and Nick have me on as a guest.  Danko and I go way back so it’s a very casual, fun conversation we have.  He and Nick raise some great questions and I have to honestly say, it was one of the most refreshing interviews I have ever done.  I hope you enjoy it!  You can listen/subscribe to it through iTunes or Sound Cloud.

Listen to the podcast by clicking HERE.

Rock on!!

Album cover and some inside art for Aimee Mann’s album “@#%&*! Smilers”.  We were nominated for a Grammy for Best Art Package.





Private commission for Long Gone John, owner of record label Sympathy for the Record Industry.


My custom painted Qee figure, “Poof”.