My products in May’s HOW Magazine

I was very pleased when HOW Magazine’s contributing editor, Doug White, contacted me because they wanted to feature my new products in the up front section.  HOW is one of the industry’s graphics communications magazines and always features really interesting artists, designers and creative trends.

“So Very Gary”

Gary Taxali’s work is hard to miss these days.  Thanks to various new product lines, the award-winning illustrator and toy designer’s pop art can now be seen on everything from cufflinks and composition books to wallets and wine labels.

In addition, he recently released two new vinyl figures and published his first book, a whimsical children’s story aptly titled “This Is Silly!” (Scholastic, $17.99).  Most products are available at

-Doug White

HOW also featured a photo of my OH NO toys of which they wrote, “Affordable to Collectible:  Taxali’s newest vinyl toy figures “Oh No” and “Oh Oh” ($75 apiece).  He also sells a collection of wooden toys, including the Retro Wooden Toy Deluxe Set (see photo, $96).”  “Since my work is based on old advertising, packaging and typography, I think it’s fitting to have affordable mass-produced toys out there”, I wrote.

They showcased my Dynomighty wallets where they describe them as “Grown-Up Fun:  Taxali also creates whimsical accessories for grown-ups, including four wallet designs ($15 apiece) and six cufflink styles  ($81 per pair, see photo).  Taxali ( has won a host of awards from design and illustration organizations.